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Investors | Eldon Grove Liverpool
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The scale and quality of the Liverpool’s transformation over the last decade has been of international significance.

6.2 million people live within an hour’s drive from Liverpool.  House prices have risen on average 74% over the last 10 years and are set to continue to out perform the national average for the next 5 years.  Residential demand is at unprecedented levels, and yet Liverpool currently has one of the lowest levels of supply of any city in the country.  This is having a profound effect on the rental returns that investors are seeing.

Now is an exciting time to be investing in Liverpool.  It is a city steeped in history and cultural significance, riding a wave of regeneration and resurgence that is set to continue.  We have all witnessed the phenomenal returns that investors have made in London over the past 20 years.  The signs are that Liverpool could offer similar gains in the years to come.



20 million people currently rent homes in Liverpool and this figure is growing. This includes a new generation of people who don’t have the aspiration to own their own house at this stage of life – the so-called Generation Rent.

Millenials are reshaping the private rental market. Research shows that their preference is for experiences and lifestyle over possessions, and they value flexibility as well as stability. This is a generation with great spending power, and one in which the majority chooses to spend any disposable income primarily on socialising. They want to pay only for what they use and don’t want long term commitments to tie them down. They value convenience and being close to the places they go out and meet with friends. They aspire to live in stylish homes in which they can express their personalities.

The New Eldon Grove has been designed to suit this new generation of renters, with their fondness for technology, their desire to be part of a community, and their appetite for all the attractions of city living. Contact us for details of current rental valuations.